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Oh, that's JUST great!

19-10-2009: New publisher, new artist
A few facts about the latest novel releases. The original Japanese publisher of the lastest Ai no Kusabi edition, the one coming out in separate volumes, was Seibido Shuppan (known also as Crystal Bunko). They got the license in 2001 and until now published 6 volumes. This is not the end of the novel. In 2009 however the copyrights for AnK have been taken over by another publisher, Tokuma Shoten, who started to release the novel from anew – again from volume 1. So far three volumes came out and volume 4 is planned on 27th November. The four volumes are claimed to cover the content of all six published by Seibido Shuppan and from the fifth one comes the new. It seems that the text itself remained unchanged, but I am not certain about this. Along with another publisher came a new artist. The Seibido Shuppan publication was illustrated by Katsumi Michihara, just like the very first edition in June Magazine. The artist hired by Tokuma Shoten is Saichi Nagato. This change puts in question further releases of the English translation of the novel, as the American publisher DMP (Digital Manga Publishing) bought the copyrights from Seibido Shuppan. Having six volumes of the translation released, it is now uncertain whether we would get the continuation.

19-12-2009: Newest novel release dates

Volume 5 of the Japanese edition (published by Tokuma Shoten) came out on 27th November, volume 6 is scheduled on 27th January 2010. It seems it will be the last volume of the novel, which would mean that the rewritten novel will be soon be complete!